Here are some examples of experiences my patients have had and written about after treatment.

“Having had a lifetime of antibiotics for reccurring throat infections it was time to look at an alternative. Clare Wassermann was the way forward for me.
After a few months of getting to the bottom of the cause of the infections I can happily  say I no longer have to go to the doctor for antibiotics for this problem. If only I had seen  Clare earlier….”

Jane P. BBC Radio 4

“Clare Wasserman has worked wonders. I had no energy and was generally run down from acute tiredness and lots of hormonal problems.

After an extensive consultation I began treatment. I feel so much better and cannot
believe the difference she has made to my life.

I am not the sort of person who would normally go to see a homeopath and was very
sceptical before going to see her, but I can thoroughly recommend going. Thank you Clare”.

W.Tree. Warwickshire

“Earlier this year I came to see you with my wife as I had failed exams due to nerves
and decided to seek your help.

You listened to my concerns and asked about my history of health and as I had been
in a pressurised job for 21 years this was very important to me.

You made us feel so good about ourselves that even my wife commented afterwards
that she had felt as though she felt the benefit of the consultation also.

I took the medication that you prescribed and although I was very nervous on the day I had more determination to pass, which I am very happy to say I did, gaining very good  marks.

A lot of that was down to you and I have a lot to thank you for.
Keep up the good work and I have recommended you to various people and will
continue to do so…”

Mr. Morris, Wolverhampton

“Before I went to see Clare I had a very negative opinion of myself and the world around me. I had little self confidence and dreaded doing things in case they went wrong as I wanted everything to be perfect.

Now just a few months after my initial consultation I’m much happier in myself
and have a more happy go lucky attitude towards my life and the things I do.
I’ve even had the confidence to go and get a new job, something I have only dreamed
about over the past few years. Even other people have noticed the difference
in me.

Clare is easy to talk to, considerate and very understanding. I am very grateful to Clare and her remedies, for making such a difference to my self esteem”.

R. Grove, Wolverhampton
After years of suffering with a permanent cold and asthma that was getting progressively worse, I was recommended to see Clare. After only one visit my nasal passages were completely clear (no need to be surgically attached to a pack of tissues any more!), my voice was different (better and clearer) and I was using my inhaler only when I was doing aerobic exercise. After two courses of treatment I am now inhaler free altogether for my asthma. The positive effect of seeing Clare has had on my quality of life/health is unbelievable and the speed with which I responded was so quick.

S.B. Birmingham

Clare I want to record my thanks for the way in which the two remedies that you prescribed for me helped both the speed and the quality of my recovery from a broken arm.

In November 2015 I slipped and fell and sustained a spiral fracture of my left upper arm. When I stood up from the fall my arm was hanging and freely swinging as if it was a heavy shaft of wood attached to my shoulder by a piece of rope. I had no influence over it whatsoever.

The x-ray showed a significant gap between the two sides of the break. Aged 69 I was looking at a long slow healing process.

It was not certain that pinning the bone would be avoided. A collar and cuff was the chosen treatment rather than plaster.

I started your remedies within days of the break.

Each time progress was assessed I was deemed to be well on or ahead of track. The bruising and swelling which was extensive and ugly cleared up quickly. The physiotherapist has always been surprised at the progress of my mobility and of the regaining of strength.

I am now ready to start rowing on the sea again as part of the 6 person crew of one of the two gig racing boats at my local Club when the season starts once the clocks go forward.

Thanks so much,

E.S. Sidmouth


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