About Clare Wassermann – Homeopathy

For former music teacher Clare Wassermann the loss of her voice led her to discover the health benefits of homeopathy. Her positive experience struck such a chord that she switched professions and became a registered homeopath, as she explains.


It was a midwife who actually got me hooked on homeopathy. After having my first child I saw how the remedies she suggested helped the healing process.
At the time I was a music teacher and regularly had problems with my voice. I had sore throats and even total loss of voice for six out of every nine weeks. I had all the conventional tests with my GP who couldn’t offer any explanation to my condition.

Eventually, in desperation, I rang a local homeopath; I was living in Nottingham at the time, and went along for my initial consultation.

The first thing that struck me was the range of questions she asked me; many of which seemed totally unrelated to my particular health problem. I duly went away with a little bottle of homeopathic pills and after a week the sore throat went – never to return again. My voice was once again strong enough to see me through a day’s teaching.

I was, of course, very curious to know how this system of medicine worked and soon found myself engrossed in a wonderful course at the College of Practical Homeopathy. After the first year of study I was totally hooked and went on to complete a further three years and became a registered homeopath.
According to homeopathic principles homeopathy works by dealing with the underlying cause of the illness or problem and not just the symptoms.

In my experience I have found the results to be long-lasting.

Homeopathy is a centuries-old way of dealing with health problems. It still has great relevance today. We lead such busy lives with stress, pollution, poor diet, and side-effects from conventional medication. This means imbalances occur in our physical, emotional and mental health.

Homeopathy addresses these imbalances and alongside it recommended nutritional guidelines aid the healing process.

Homeopathic medicines are chosen to treat the whole person because the mind and body operate as one. Remedies are chosen carefully to fit all the characteristics of the patient; so physical disorders are also considered in relation to a patient’s mental and emotional state.
The great thing about homeopathy is because there are no toxic side effects I’m able to treat pregnant women, newborn babies, children and the elderly.
As a mother myself I find treating children particularly rewarding.
A consultation takes time and there is plenty of that to talk through problems.
For me personally, it is so good to see people a month or two later looking entirely different with a much more positive outlook on life it’s a completely new kind of music to my ears.


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