Clare Wassermann LCPH, MARH, B.Ed(Hons) Registered Homeopath


imageClare Wassermann is a Registered Homeopath working in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

The homeopathic clinics she has are on the contacts page.
On this site you can:

Find out about homeopathy and its roots.
Find out what a consultation involves.
Book a consultation with the homeopath Clare Wassermann LCPH, MARH.
If you are not sure whether homeopathy is for you and you would like a brief chat
to clarify matters please call 07530 354037

otherwise email me on

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a very safe form of medicine which treats THE WHOLE INDIVIDUAL.
It is equally concerned with maintaining good health and aiding recovery from ill-health.
Since its development 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, it has benefited millions of
people all over the world.

The word “Homeopathy” (also spelt “homoeopathy”) comes from the Greek:

Homoeo = like
Pathos = suffering
A homeopathic remedy is one which produces the same symptoms as those the sick person
does and when prescribed provokes the body into throwing them off.

Homeopathy is a NATUROPATHIC form of medicine – it assists nature using the body’s own
healing potential – rather than overriding it.

Everyone is different and the way we experience illnesses are different.

A homoeopath looks at the way

YOU experience YOUR symptoms

Homeopathy is practiced around the world, with an estimated 500 million
individuals receiving homeopathic treatment.


Book an appointment: contact

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