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low cost and free OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN MEDITATION TECHNIQUES with clare wassermann this february

You may be interested to know that I have some teaching sessions coming up which have been funded so are either low cost or free.

The next opportubnity is this Tuesday (Feb9th) at 10,30am – 12.30pm UK time. The cost to you is only £2.50 as it has been funded by Boundary Way Allotment Project

You can read my article here about why it is good to learn to meditate – not only for your stress levels, focus improvement and tackling axiety but also for your IMMUNE SYSTEM – so important in these times.

Here’s some info abou the session with a link to book at the end:

Winter Wonder – Gentle Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation for the Winter season 9th February:

We are in a time of hibernation both in the garden, allotment and this year spending more time than ever inside and alone. Can we see the opportunity as one of nurture and kindness to ourselves before the busyness begins once more?

A healthy way to start the day could be some relaxing movement, meditation and mindfulness.

We welcome you to a guided session of gentle self care.  This will help to see you through the darker months and teach you techniques which you might find valuable to keep away anxieties and worries.

Themed around the season, Clare invites you to a session of stillness, relaxation and ease. With a cushion, a chair, a blanket and a little room for some light movement learn techniques to beat the blues, bring in the light and calm the mind.

Clare Wassermann is an artist and well-being practitioner who is a qualified meditation teacher.

This session is part of the Winter Wonder programme from Boundary Way Project designed to inspire and motivate through creativity and connection during the Winter season. Made possible with support from the Culture Recovery Fund for heritage.

The session costs just £2.50 and must be reserved in advance. Please reserve your place via this ticket link. Participants will be sent an email with a zoom link to join, in advance of the event.

Further sessions available pn Tuesday evenings through February hosted with funding from Gatis Community Space in Wolverhampton on Zoom.
These sessions are free until the end of the month.

Next session is February 9th at 7.30 – 8.45 (UK Time) : Book here

February 16th : Book here

February 23rd : Book here

For all sessions: room to swing your arms a bit will be useful, as will a place to lie down for a deep relaxation, but again this could be done seated. Bring along a blanket to keep warm when you are being, still and a cushion would be useful.

People report feeling calmer after sessions, more focused in the mind and often have a good night’s sleep.

Do join us – small acts of kindness to ourselves are important.